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2000-12-21 ATO-001


National Rail operators announce further rail compensation

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National Rail operators announce further rail compensation

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2000-12-01 Train information ready for Christmas (ATOC)


21 December 2000
source ATOC
type Press release

National Rail operators today announced compensation for passengers worth £20million to compensate for the delays resulting from speed restrictions in the four weeks from mid-November (12th November to 9th December).

Passengers with monthly season tickets or longer who suffered the greatest disruption will again receive up to four weeks' free travel. A further 300,000 passengers will receive either five days' free travel or a discount when renewing their season ticket.

Commenting on the package, ATOC Director General, George Muir, said: "Following the announcement of £50million passenger compensation in November, we promised to keep the situation under review, consulting with the sSRA and the Rail Passengers Council.

"This second compensation announcement once again provides an overall package worth more to passengers than in normal circumstances, because we want to demonstrate our recognition of the difficulties they have been experiencing.

"The sSRAs close involvement in broking this deal has been an important factor in achieving a fair level of compensation across the network."


Season ticket holders

The package covers passengers with monthly and longer period season tickets who experienced delays during the four Charter weeks from 12 November to 9 December.

The compensation reflects the level of disruption during the period, and is based on each train operating company's Passengers' Charter.

Passengers will receive either compensation days or discounts when renewing their season tickets, as shown in the attached table. A compensation day allows a season ticket holder to claim the value of a day's travel for every day declared. A range is shown where there is different compensation for each service group in the train operating company.

Detailed arrangements to enable passengers to claim compensation will be announced locally within the next week.

Weekly and daily ticket holders

Passengers with weekly or daily tickets who have experienced significant delays are already entitled to refunds for disrupted journeys through each train operating company's Passengers' Charter. They should contact their train operator using a compensation form or by letter, enclosing proof of travel and details of the journey and delay experienced, as required.

Train operators will be making special offers in the future to rebuild passenger confidence when the network is back to normal.


For more information: ATOC press office (020) 79043010

Notes to editors

1. Five compensation days are broadly equivalent to a 22% refund on the cost of travel over the four weeks.
2. The compensation package covers season ticket Travelcards bought from National Rail retail outlets but not Travelcards bought from Transport for London or other parties.
3. Compensation may not extend to all multi-modal tickets, depending on local arrangements.
4. The compensation can be different for each service group within a train operator, because the level of disruption varied across their operation. In such cases, a range is indicated in the table and details will be announced locally.
5. Some of the compensation listed below has already been announced.
6. If no compensation is shown, there was minimal severe disruption on those routes.
7. It has been necessary to address routes which offered discounts before Period 8, and routes where trains have run punctually but to severely reduced timetables, neither of which would normally attract any additional compensation. As an exceptional measure the arrangements now being announced provide extra compensation in these circumstances.
8. In some cases, where a discount is shown, passengers were already receiving a discount prior to the recent disruption.


Train operator

No. of compensation days declared/Discount declared

London Commuting

Connex South Central

Range 5%-7% discount

Connex South Eastern

Range 5%-7% discount

First Great Eastern

15 days


5% -7% discount

Chiltern Railways

To be announced locally

Silverlink: Northampton line

20 days

Silverlink: Watford line

4 days

Silverlink: North London

0 days

South West Trains

5% discount

Thames Trains

5 days


8 days


To be announced locally


Anglia Mainline

7 days

Virgin CrossCountry

24 days

Virgin West Coast

24 days


24 days

Midland Main Line

9 days

First Great Western

5% discount


Anglia, locals

Range 0-10 days

Gatwick Express

To be announced locally

Central: Cross Country

20 days

Central: Mid Wales & Marches

8 days

Central: Other

0-10% discount

Northern Spirit

0-5% discount

ScotRail: Central & East

5 days

ScotRail: Express - Edin - Glasgow

5 days

ScotRail: other


First North Western


Island Line


Wales & West

Range 0-15 days

Valley Lines

1 day


5-10% discount

Note: Range is shown where there is different compensation for each service group in the train operating company.

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