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2001-04-06 ATO-001


National Rail operators make a change to Network Railcard

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Association of Train Operating Companies

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National Rail operators make a change to Network Railcard

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6 April 2001
source ATOC
type Press release

The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) today announced a change to the Network Railcard, which will take effect on 20 May 2001.

The change to the product will see children receiving a 60% discount off the normal child fare (min £1) instead of the flat rate £1. The one third discount for off-peak fares for adult travel remains the same.

The Network Railcard is offered by National Rail operators in the south east of England on a voluntary basis, and encourages cardholders to travel off peak by offering substantial discounts on fares.

The change to the child discount will bring the Network Railcard in line with other national Railcard products. ATOC announced the same change to the child discount for the Family Railcard last year and this has led to a 30% increase in the number of cards in circulation.

The change to the Network Railcard was originally planned for early January, however, after a positive consultation with the London Transport Users Committee, ATOC listened to their concerns and postponed the change due to disruption to rail services caused by the Hatfield accident.

George Muir, Director General of ATOC, said: “This is the first change to the Network Railcard child fare since it's introduction in 1986. Prices for the popular shorter journeys will remain similar. There will be an increase in fares for children travelling with adults on longer journeys to reflect the distance travelled.”

“For a product that only costs £20 annually and delivers a 33% discount on off peak adult tickets and 60% discount off child fares, it remains excellent value. On a typical journey made by one adult and two children, a card holder will save 43% on full fare tickets.”


For more information: ATOC press office 020 7904 3010

Notes to Editors

1. There are 350,000 Network Railcard holders.

2. Children aged between 5 - 15 years are eligible for the Network Railcard discount.

3. The change will NOT apply to Network Railcards purchased before 20th May 2001.

4. In the past 12 months, approximately 20 million journeys have been made with the Network Railcard and, 1.4 million of these journeys were made with children.

5. Up to three adults can travel with the cardholder at the discounted rate. Up to four children can accompany the card holder

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