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2005-11-22 TfL-002
Transport for London


LU to seek views on alternative later weekend Tube proposal

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Transport for London
[Night Tube]

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Transport for London

LU to seek views on alternative later weekend Tube proposal

22 November 2005
source Transport for London
type Press release

note No. 390

London Underground (LU) today announced that it would be seeking the views
of stakeholders on an alternative proposal for later weekend Tube services.

The original consultation, "Should the Tube run later at weekends?",
proposed that the Tube run an hour later on Friday and Saturday nights,
starting up again an hour later on Saturday and Sunday mornings. LU is now
considering an alternative proposal to run the Tube half an hour later on
those nights, one hour later the following Saturday morning with services
unchanged on Sunday mornings. Stakeholders will have until 12 December 2005
to respond to the new proposal.

Richard Parry, LU Strategy and Service Development Director said: "The
original consultation showed that most Tube users and Londoners would
welcome a later weekend Tube. It also showed some concern for those who use
the Tube early at the weekends, especially on Sundays.

"We need to strike the right balance between late evening and early morning
Tube users. We've taken all views on board and will now consult
stakeholders on this alternative proposal to run the Tube half an hour later
on Friday and Saturday nights and retain the current start time on Sunday
morning. This alternative offers a large proportion of the benefits of the
original proposal whilst significantly reducing the numbers who would be
adversely affected."

LU received 54,000 respondents to the original consultation, with the
majority in favour of a later weekend Tube. However, the consultation also
revealed a significant minority would face longer journeys the next morning,
especially on Sunday mornings when the first Tube services would reach
central London around 0830hrs. There was particular concern for low paid
and public sector workers and for those seeking connections with rail
services and flights from London airports.

The new proposal would see last trains leaving central London around 0100hrs
on Friday and Saturday nights. The Tube would start one hour later on
Saturday morning, with trains arriving in central London around 0700hrs.
Sunday morning services would remain unchanged from the present, where
trains reach central London around 0730hrs.

Notes to editors:
* The Mayor made a commitment in his manifesto to investigate later
Tube services on Friday and Saturday nights;
* Between 22 February and 22 April 2005, LU consulted with Londoners,
Tube users and all interested parties for their views on whether the Tube
should run for one hour later on Friday and Saturday nights;
* The Consultation Report and Executive Summary, "Should the Tube run
later at weekends?", is available from the TfL website
* Under the original consultation proposal, first trains would have
arrived at Central London stations at around 7am on Saturdays and 8.30am on
Sundays. Last trains would depart from the West End on Friday and Saturday
nights at around 1.30am;
* Around two-thirds of those who currently use the tube during the first
hour of operation over the weekend do so on Sunday morning. Most of these
people are either travelling to and from work or travelling to make other
transport connections, such as national rail services at central London
stations or flights from London's airports;
* Having analysed the results of the original consultation, TfL has
developed the revised proposal, which seeks to minimise the disbenefit to
those who use the Tube early at weekends, while maximising the opportunity
to run the Tube later on Fridays and Saturdays;
* Currently, the last trains from the West End at weekends are around
12.30am and reach their termini between 1.00am and 1.30am depending on
location. Services begin again at around 5.30am on Saturday and 7am on

London Underground Press Office
Tel. 0845 604 4141

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