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::: More cash for trams and light rail in England

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2014-05-22 RDG-001
Rail Delivery Group


Are Europe’s state-run railways really better?

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Rail Delivery Group

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Rail Delivery Group

Are Europe’s state-run railways really better?

22 May 2014
source Rail Delivery Group
type Press release

Passengers rate Britain’s railway as the best major network in Europe, according to a recent survey of 26,000 people published by the European Commission.

Britain’s railway is the fastest growing network in Europe. Between 1998 and 2010, journey growth in Britain was 49% compared to 31% in France, 14% in Germany and 10% in the Netherlands.

Britain has the safest major railway in Europe.

According to independent blogger “the Man in Seat61”, “the next time someone says (or you read) ‘Britain has the highest rail fares in Europe’, you'll know this is only 15% of the story. The other 85% is that we have similar or even cheaper fares, too. The big picture is that Britain has the most commercially aggressive fares in Europe, with the highest fares designed to get maximum revenue from business travel, and some of the lowest fares designed to get more revenue by filling more seats. This is exactly what airlines have known, and been doing, for decades.”


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