Thursday 15 April 2021


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::: MPs intervene in disused railway structures debate

Government’s treatment of my company, and its shareholders, has been shoddy and unacceptable.

Steve Marshall, 8 October 2001

I caution you against the dogged ignorance and hostile agendas of supposed expert commentators ...

Tom Winsor, 4 July 2004

We believe that recent news reports of a statement from Eurotunnel concerning the events of last weekend require clarification.

Eurostar, 29 December 2009

The Railhub Archive is a unique and growing collection of more than 4,000 railway industry-related documents published since July 1992. They include press releases, speeches, letters, minutes, statements and publications. Many are elusive and rarely available from other internet sources.

The Railhub Archive includes full text searching. You can also search specifically for sources, and refine search results with a further keyword or phrase.

about links

Many documents are also linked to others. These are either earlier documents which refer to the same topic stream or complete documents (usually pdf) which can be downloaded. In addition, there are the standard links (in the right hand column) to related items in other Railhub sections.

document texts

Documents have been archived 'as written', which means errors or misspellings are also reproduced. However, some of these errors are marked by a corrective word or phrase in [[double square brackets]]. Apart from such minor remarks, no corrections or changes have been made.

key collections

Many organisations are represented, but there are particularly large collections of announcements and press releases produced by Railtrack and the former Strategic Rail Authority. Other rare items include some announcements by the Office of Passenger Rail Franchising and from the former Office of the Rail Regulator.

Of course, individual organisations do archive their own announcements and releases, but not always for very long. The ORR, for example, offers nothing dated before 2010, while government departments, such as the Department for Transport, tend to withdraw press releases and similar documents published when a previous administration was in power. So, as with the ORR, the DfT archive only goes back to the spring of 2010. It is Railhub policy to archive all DfT press releases which are related to the railway industry.


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