Tuesday 27 October 2020

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::: Transport for London crisis grows as funding deadline looms

The Department for Transport has decided to abandon the franchising system.

The future franchise on this page had been planned but is not now expected to be awarded.

Replacement contracts of a new type may be announced later on.

From 20 September 2020 until some time in 2022 Emergency Recovery Measures Agreements are in force, which guarantee an income to operators and remove commercial risk.

East West

A new (May 2016) potential franchise for the East West rail link between Oxford and Bedford (plus proposed extension to Cambridge). Expected to be developed from mid-2018. No dates for invitation to tender, award or start have yet been announced.

start date
end date

owned by
(bidders awaited)

service area
Oxford-Bicester Village-Bletchley-Milton Keynes Central/Bedford. Aylesbury-Bletchley-Milton Keynes Central/Bedford. Possible extension Bedford-Cambridge.


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