Sunday 27 September 2020


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::: RMT to stage strikes on Caledonian Sleeper

The Railhub Image library is organised as several hundred themed collections, which are all searchable or can be browsed via the indexes.

Each image has a unique reference number, which shows the date it was taken. For example, an image with the reference 2014-02-26 was taken on 26 February 2014.

Some collections contain images taken on various dates, although the newer images tend to be higher up the page (for more about this, see 'Dates and time' below). The first row is usually labelled 'Key images', and is intended to be a representative set of three.

The Image Library includes collections covering well over 100 stations on the National Rail and London Underground networks. Each collection concentrates on one station.

Information in collections

The left hand column of each collection includes supplementary information, which sometimes includes notes about the subject concerned. There are also links to related collections and several keywords.

These keywords are active links and can be clicked to trigger a fresh search.

Station collections also include the name of the managing operator (again, this is a searchable keyword) and a geographical matrix showing nearby stations which are represented in the Image Library. Arrows show the approximate direction of each neighbouring station.

This is the matrix for Glasgow Central, which includes a link to Glasgow Queen Street. The white circle indicates that Queen Street is nearby but not directly connected to Central.

You can click on any station in this matrix and make virtual 'journeys' around the network of Image Library stations.

Dates and time

Sometimes, collections (particularly of stations) become partly or wholly out of date -- that is, they no longer reflect the current situation -- but are still of use. Where major changes have since taken place, the collection title includes a year, as in 'Nottingham 2012'. (There are also some collections in the 'former operators' category, which are naturally no longer current.)

Occasionally, a collection which is largely current may also include some older images, which perhaps include the logos or signage of former franchises. Such images are placed lower down the page and are marked with an 'archive' caption. In all cases, the reference number shows the actual date of the image.


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