Friday 12 August 2022


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1. All use of this website shall be at the users risk. The publishers take all reasonable steps to provide timely and accurate information and welcome amendments and corrections, but cannot take responsibility for errors.

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3. With the exceptions set out in paragraph 4 below, no part of this website may be copied for reproduction elsewhere or circulated or republished, whether by way of trade or otherwise.

4. Paragraph 3 does not apply to full resolution images in the Railhub Image Library, which may be used digitally* by full subscribers and also in hard copy for personal and business purposes by full subscribers who are not publishers, apart from publishers of magazines with an average edition print run of less than 100,000. (*For the avoidance of doubt, digitally means the use of images on internet or intranet sites, in digital books and magazines, in electronic presentations [such as Powerpoint], emails and audio visual productions, excluding material designed or intended for transmission by television or exhibition in cinematographic programmes or by any other form of reproduction by projection or allied systems which display such material to a public audience.) Premium subscribers may also reproduce images in hard copy books, magazines (circulation of 100,000 or more) or newspapers, but Railhub images must not be republished as image collections. A credit ('Image: Railhub') must be included with all Railhub images in magazines (irrespective of circulation), books or newspapers. No image downloaded from this site may be sold or otherwise circulated as an individual image by way of trade or otherwise.

5. The publishers do not guarantee continuous access to any page or pages in this website, and shall not be liable for any failure to provide access, whether such failure is attributable to the publisher or any third-party provider of internet services or associated providers of telecommunications services or any other cause.

6. The publishers reserve the right to amend, re-issue or withdraw any domain name, user name or password without notice.

7. No user name or password issued to a subscriber may be circulated, published or otherwise supplied to a third party. If such user name or password appears to be the subject of misuse, the publisher reserves the right to withdraw such password or user name without refunding any amount or amounts which may have been paid.

8. Subscribers are responsible for observing any regulations governing the transmission of information in any format or by any method. Data is only provided on an 'as is' basis, and any use made of it is solely at the subscriber's risk.

9. Subscriptions are not refundable except in the event of material breach of contract by the publisher, or as otherwise provided by English law.

10. Any use or attempted use of this website shall imply the absolute acceptance of these terms and conditions by the user.


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