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1996-10-08 DoT-001
Department of Transport


New chairman appointed to the Rail Users’ Consultative Committee for North Western England

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Department for Transport
Professor Tom Cannon

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Department of Transport

New chairman appointed to the Rail Users’ Consultative Committee for North Western England

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8 October 1996
source Department of Transport
type Press release

note 313

John Watts, Minister for Railways, Roads and Local Transport, has
announced the appointment of Professor Tom Cannon as Chairman of the
Rail Users' Consultative Committee (RUCC) for North Western England,
until 30 June 2000.

Professor Cannon, who lives in Manchester, is a Companion of the
Institute of Management and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of
Marketing. He is Chief Executive of the Management Charter

Professor Cannon is an extensive rail user who has wide business and
committee experience. He is currently a member of the Committee on
Business Excellence, the Clothing and Allied Products Industry
Training Board Trust and the National Council of Industry Training

RUCC Chairmen are ex-officio members of the Central Rail Users'
Consultative Committee (CRUCC) which is the national body.


1. Eight RUCCs superseded the former Transport Users' Consultative
Committees under the Railways Act 1993. They operate as watchdogs
for users of Britain's rail services.

2. Sir George Young, Secretary of State for Transport, appoints the
Chairmen of the regional Rail Users' Consultative Committees.

3. Rail users who do not receive a satisfactory response to their
complaint, from their train operator, can contact the appropriate
Committee which may be able to take up the matter on their behalf.

4. In the case of closures of services or stations, for instance, the
Committees have the power to hold public hearings; they can then
report on possible hardships and propose amendments to alleviate

5. The Committees can also consider any matter which is referred to
them by the Secretary of State and the Regulator, as well as any
other matter that they feel they themselves should look into.

The address of the North Western RUCC is:

Room 112
Boulton House
17-21 Chorlton Street

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