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1997-05-06 ORR-001
Office of the Rail Regulator


New station for Wrexham Central

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Office of the Rail Regulator

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Office of the Rail Regulator

New station for Wrexham Central

6 May 1997
source Office of the Rail Regulator
type Press release

note ORR/97/07

The Rail Regulator has today given his consent, subject to certain conditions, to proposals from Railtrack and North Western Trains Limited to close Wrexham Central station so that a new station can be constructed nearby.

The Regulator, John Swift QC, said "I have given careful and detailed consideration to the proposal, to all the objections and representations I received from members of the public, and to a report on the impact of the proposed closure from the Rail Users' Consultative Committee (RUCC) for Wales. I have concluded that I should give my consent to the closure of the station because this scheme will bring about major improvements which will benefit passengers greatly: Wrexham will get a new station offering a far higher level of amenities than at present, including more shelter for passengers and dedicated parking spaces for disabled people.

"I have noted in particular the main concerns of objectors and the RUCC for Wales, those concerns being the potential impact of the proposal in terms of the proposed suspension of services for four months during a construction period, the limited operational capacity of the new station, and lack of certainty about the provisions and nature of pedestrian routes between the new station and parts of the town. Those are very real concerns which I share and which I have addressed by attaching stringent conditions to my consent. These conditions require Railtrack and North Western Trains Limited to make important changes to the scheme when it is implemented."

The conditions imposed by the Regulator include the following:

that a new station must be constructed before the existing station can close with no interruption in services to the existing station greater than 48 hours in any one month;

the facilities proposed for the new station must be provided and, in addition, there should be sufficient room to accommodate specific enhancements to these facilities in the future;

the new station must be located in a position which would permit the platforms to be extended to accept longer trains in future and the land necessary to do this must not be disposed of without the Regulator's consent;

key pedestrian routes between the station and parts of the town must be provided. These must be clearly signposted, lit at night and at appropriate gradients and with appropriate surfaces to meet the needs of disabled people. Wherever possible, these routes should be sheltered from the elements and there must be clearly marked pedestrian crossings.

The Regulator concluded, "I believe this to be a very good deal for passengers."

Notes to editors

1. Operators must obtain the Regulator's consent to any proposals to close parts of the network or stations or facilities that are used for or in connection with railway passenger services, or if they wish to withdraw all the services on any line or from any station. Any proposal to close a station is advertised in the press and there is an opportunity for any person to lodge an objection with the Regulator

2. On 30 August 1996 the Rail Regulator received notice from the Franchising Director of the proposal by North Western Trains Limited to close the existing Wrexham Central Station and replace it with a new station 280 metres away. The closure proposal was advertised in the national and local press. The objection period ended on 16 October. By that date the Regulator had received 74 objections to the proposed closure.

3. The Rail Users' Consultative Committee (RUCC) for Wales, the statutory body representing the interests of rail passengers in Wales, has a specific role to advise the Regulator on the impact of any proposed closure in their area. The RUCC for Wales held a public hearing in Wrexham about the impact of the proposed closure in November 1996 and reported their conclusions to the Regulator in January 1997. A copy of the RUCC's report is available from The Secretary, RUCC for Wales, St David's House, East Wing, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF1 1ES. Tel: 01222 227247; Fax: 01222 223992.

4. Notice of the Regulator's decision is being placed at stations in the local area. A copy of the Rail Regulator's letter to Railtrack and North Western Trains Limited giving his decision about this closure has been placed on his Public Register and can be inspected on any working day between 10am and 4pm at the Library of the Office of the Rail Regulator, 1 Waterhouse Square, 138 - 142 Holborn, London, EC1N 2ST. Copies of the decision (which is available in English and Welsh) can be obtained from the ORR on receipt of 4.20. Requests for copies of the decision should be addressed to Sue MacSwan, Librarian at the above address. Tel: 0171 282 2001; Fax 0171 282 2045; E-mail: orr@dial.pipex.com. Press copies are available free of charge from the ORR Press Office. Tel: 0171 282 2082/2002.

5. Any person aggrieved by the Regulator's decision may appeal to the Secretary of State for Transport by giving notice in writing, including a statement of reasons for the appeal. Any appeals should be made no later than 3 June, i.e. within four weeks of the date of the Regulator's decision. Appeals to the Secretary of State should be addressed to: c/o Andrew Bunney, Department of Transport, Zone 3/28, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR Facsimile No. 0171 271 5227.

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