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1997-10-21 LRT-001
London Regional Transport


Kings Cross tragedy means safety first for London Underground

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London Regional Transport

Kings Cross tragedy means safety first for London Underground

21 October 1997
source London Regional Transport
type Press release

In the aftermath of the King’s Cross fire, the Fennell Inquiry report made important recommendations for improving safety on the Underground. In the ten years since the tragic events at King's Cross, London Underground have carried out major safety improvements across its entire network, some of these include:

o The replacement of all the wooden panelling on escalators, with a programme of replacement of all wooden treads and risers underway. Heat detection cables, smoke detectors and fire alarms installed at all stations below ground.
o Automatic sprinkler systems.
o New station operations rooms at many stations, with improved monitoring equipment and staff available during opening hours.
o Improved public address systems at all stations
o CCTV fitted at most stations, with links to the British Transport Police.
o All station staff equipped with personal radios.
o The removal of all hazardous material from all stations and the use of fire-resistant materials.
o Improved fire, safety and emergency preparedness training for station staff.
o Smoking banned from all parts of the Underground, with smoker's materials also banned.
o Passenger help points on stations for information and assistance.
o A new management system introduced with Group Station Managers with responsibility for station safety, environment and housekeeping. Rigorous use of risk assessment to identify risks and measure, monitor and control them.
o Director-led safety objectives with supporting safety improvement Plans and a target for improved safety performance. Safety case for the Underground accepted by Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate in 1996.

Safety is at the heart of London Underground's planning. Safety systems and procedures are constantly being reviewed. The Fennell Inquiry recommendations have nearly all been implemented. The legacy of King's Cross is that London Underground is constantly working to ensure a safe environment for both its passengers and workforce.

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