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1997-12-15 RTK-002
Railtrack plc


Railtrack freight route directory

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Railtrack plc

Railtrack freight route directory

15 December 1997
source Railtrack plc
type Press release

As part of its strategy to encourage the movement of freight on rail Railtrack has committed to provide better information about the current and future capabilities of its infrastructure. Earlier this year we published the Guide to Freight Connections and received much helpful feedback which has enabled us to improve the quality and presentation of the second issue.

To add to this information we have now compiled the first version of a new Route Directory which, in this issue, has mapped the network in each Railtrack Zone and demonstrates the current loading gauge clearances and Route Availability as well as listing the operational terminals by local area. The use of a CD Rom format has enabled us to present a large amount of information in an easy form and we hope that users will find the information helpful while recognising that this is the first issue of information that we intend to improve and update regularly. The CD Rom can be viewed in both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

Later issues will add other items of information as and when they become available and will assist in everyone understanding more about the capabilities of the network so that, together, we can move forward with the development of the railfreight industry in the UK.

For a copy of the CD Rom, please contact Railtrack Freight Commercial on 0171 557 8250.

Railhub Archive ::: 1997-12-15 RTK-002


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