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1999-10-06 SRA-001
Shadow Strategic Rail Authority


The Strategic Rail Authority's challenge to the British rail industry

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Shadow Strategic Rail Authority

The Strategic Rail Authority's challenge to the British rail industry

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6 October 1999
source Shadow Strategic Rail Authority
type Speech (full)

note Speech on 5 October 1999 by sSRA chairman Sir Alastair Morton

To Warburg Dillon Read 1999 Transport Conference
Savoy Hotel, London
5 October 1999

Let me start by clearing out of the way the layman 's question - Why are we a
"Shadow" SRA? - and then get into the interesting question - What are we
Going to Do?

The SRA will be a new Statutory Corporation, thus needing a statute (that is,
legislation) to establish it. It will subsume (that is, absorb into itself) several
public service entities or parts of entities, namely:


- British Railways Board;

- international administrative and liaison responsibilities of DETR;

- freight responsibilities of DETR;

- consumer, i.e. passenger, benefits responsibilities of ORR.

It needs legislation to do that, but all those activities exist today; all those
responsibilities are currently borne somewhere by someone. But the new
factor, the mind now behind them looking forward, is the SSRA.

The Deputy Prime Minister has appointed me Chairman of the BR Board
and has requested me to establish the SRA. He has instructed the
Franchising Director to work with me and he has made it known that I will be
Chairman of the SRA and Mike Grant, the Franchsing [[Franchising]] Director,
will be the Chief Executive. So we work together now.as the Shadow SRA, as
we will in future - and did when close colleagues in the past.

So what will we do, from here forward? First we take a strategic view of the
network as a whole, both passenger and freight.

The SRA will inherit the current powers of the Franchising Director but the
SRA will be different in being proactive in planning and facilitating the
development of the network as a whole to provide more and better service to
rail users, freight as well as passenger. That 's new; we will do it:

- with an eye to continental links and services; and

- within a framework of integration for transport in Britain - road, rail, air,
public, private, etc.

And that's new too! I know civil servants who were present in the 1980s when
Mrs. Thatcher physically terminated meetings when the dreaded words
"integrated transport plan" were uttered. The management term "logistics
chain" was completely unknown to her.


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