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2000-07-20 DET-002
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions


£180bn Ten year investment plan to deliver top class transport system

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Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

£180bn Ten year investment plan to deliver top class transport system

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20 July 2000
source Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
type Press release

note News Release 484

A £180bn investment package to modernise the nation's transport system, to cut congestion and deliver real choice, was unveiled today by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

The £180bn investment programme of public and private cash will provide £60 billion for railways, £60 billion for roads, and around £60 billion for local transport including London. Over 10 years the Plan will deliver:

reduced congestion on our roads;
modern trains with better services and reduced fares;
a 50% increase in passenger use of the railway;
resources to enable the Mayor to reduce over crowding on the Underground and congestion in London - with £3.2bn investment in the first three years;
100 new bypasses
360 miles of trunk road and motorway widening
big improvements in rural transport;
better bus services and a 10% growth in passenger use;
up to 25 new light rail projects in major cities;
safer roads and railways; and
lower emissions and better air quality.
Presenting "Transport 2010 - The 10 Year Plan" Mr Prescott said it was designed to tackle the legacy of under-investment, fragmentation and short-termism which had come from thirty years of neglect.

He continued:

"This is a Government working with business to deliver the long-term investment needed to rebuild our infrastructure, cut congestion, improve public transport and give people choice. The Plan addresses the issues in a realistic and business like way. No thrills, no promises of a rosy, traffic free future, just our best judgements, based on detailed analysis of what the new resources will deliver.

"It will deliver something positive for everyone - motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, rail and bus users, rural and urban communities, the old, the young and disabled people.

"It will deliver the integrated transport system this country needs and deserves. A system fit for the new millennium and of which we can be justly proud."
The plan sets out investment and spending plans of:

£60bn to improve the national rail network with new track, signalling, stations and rolling stock;
£21bn for national roads to tackle congestion hotspots and safety through widening schemes, bypasses, junction improvements;
£59bn to improve local transport, including up to 25 new light rail projects in our major cities, guided bus schemes, park and ride, priority routes and funding to improve rural transport; and
£25bn for London:
and £15bn held in reserve for future schemes.
Mr Prescott continued:

"People quite rightly want and deserve better transport and real choice. Private and public investment over ten years will be £180 billion, almost three-quarters - £132 billion - will come from the public purse.

"We are committed to providing the sustained investment over 10 years to deliver change and so move away from the stop-go funding of the past. We will secure that investment through long-term partnership with the private sector: new rail franchises lasting up to 20 years, 30-year contracts for roads and a 30-year public private partnership for London Underground.

"But let me make it absolutely clear, if we put in public money we expect rail and bus companies and local authorities to deliver the goods: more investment and better services for the travelling public - on budget and on time.

"This is a Government working with business to deliver the investment needed to rebuild our infrastructure, tackle congestion, improve public transport, and give people choice. It will take time. New roads and railways cannot be laid overnight. But with sustained Government investment and determination we will get Britain moving and give people a transport system they can rely on."
Notes to editors
Transport 2010 - The 10 Year Plan, (ISBN 185112 4136) as well as Transport 2010: The Background Analysis (ISBN 185112 4144) are available from:

Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.
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The document is also available at:

Total transport investment and expenditure (2001/02-2010/11)

(£billion, outturn prices) Public Investment Private Investment Total Public Resource Spend Total
Strategic Roads 13.6 2.6 16.2 5.0 21.3
Railways 14.7 34.3 49.1 11.3 60.4
Local Transport 19.3 9.0 28.3 30.6 58.9
London 7.5 10.4 17.8 7.4 25.3
Other Transport 0.7 n/a 0.7 1.5 2.2
Unallocated 9.0 n/a 9.0 n/a 9.0
Charging income n/a n/a n/a 2.7 2.7
Total 64.7 56.3 121.0 58.6 179.7

Local transport here includes expenditure on local roads. Public resource expenditure excludes revenue support for private investment. Further details of investment figures are set out in Chapter 5 and Annex 1 of Transport 2010 - The 10 Year Plan.

Transport 2010 - The 10 Year Plan

Transport 2010 Images


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