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2001-10-26 DTR-001
Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions


Your tube: publicly run, privately built

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Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions

Your tube: publicly run, privately built

26 Oct 2001 00:00
source Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions
type Press release

London's Tube will see literally millions of pounds being invested every day during the first seven years of the Government''s modernisation plans for London Underground, Stephen Byers, Transport Secretary, revealed today.

Over 60 miles of track will be repaired or replaced and over 500 new or refurbished carriages will be running on the Tube by 2009.

The Government is today publishing ''Your Tube: Publicly Run, Privately Built - Investing for Improvement'' which sets out the detail of the improvements Londoners can expect to see in the first seven and a half years of the publicly run, privately built programme.

Stephen Byers said:

''Millions are going to be invested every day once the investment programme gets underway next year. After all the arguments I think it is important that Londoners are given more details of what our publicly run, privately built investment package will deliver within the first seven and a half years of the contract.

''It will mean:

Over 500 new, or refurbished carriages, including a brand new fleet on the Victoria line;

60 miles of track repaired or replaced;

New signalling on the Northern and Victoria lines;

CCTV in stations and in all new and refurbished carriages - to improve security - a top priority for passengers;

50 new stations refurbished, or modernised to tackle overcrowding and to give better access for people with disabilities or with young children in pushchairs.

''This is a comprehensive package with investment in all aspects of the network with track and trains the priority. In the past we've not seen the full benefits of, for example, the new Northern Line trains because it wasn''t accompanied by new track and signalling.

''The publicly run, privately built package also guarantees investment year after year. The financing package is locked in from the beginning putting an end to the stop, go approach of the past.

''London Underground will continue to be in charge at all times and the work will be properly co-ordinated. It has to be a long-term programme because there is a limit to the amount of work that can be done simultaneously without unacceptable disruption to services.

''There will be a tough system of penalties and rewards for the three infrastructure companies to ensure they meet their performance targets. So, for example, if poor maintenance means that a train breaks down at Victoria for 10 minutes in rush hour the company will lose £21,000. If a signal problem delayed services on the Jubilee Line for a day the penalty would be over #300,000.

''Safety will continue to be the first and overriding priority. The Health and Safety Executive will have a double lock on safety. For the plans to proceed the HSE will need to approve London Underground''s new structure and secondly, within the new structure, they will need to approve the plans and role of the three private infrastructure companies.

''As well as ensuring safety, the plans must deliver value for money. That is why we are committed to testing them against all the alternatives, guided by an independently audited public sector comparator. The financial evaluation will be subject to scrutiny by the National Audit Office. If the project does not prove better value for money than the alternatives then it will not proceed.

''The 21st Century Tube Programme will deliver the massive, long-term investment our Tube desperately needs and make a real difference to those using the Tube. It is an exciting package that will mean faster and more reliable services for London and its visitors''.


1. Media copies of ''Your Tube: Investing for Real Improvements'' are available from the DTLR Press Office on 020 7944 4681.

Public Enquiries: 020 7944 3000 DTLR website - http://www.dtlr.gov.uk

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