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2015-02-25 NET-001
Network Rail


Mark Carne ‘lifts the bonnet’ on Network Rail in key speech

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Network Rail

Mark Carne ‘lifts the bonnet’ on Network Rail in key speech

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26 February 2015
source Network Rail
type Speech

note The George Bradshaw address, 2015. Delivered at One George Street, London SW1.

Chief executive Mark Carne shares our ambitions to be a high-performing organisation with rail industry leaders

Mark Carne presenting to 200 railway industry leaders Mark Carne - George Bradshaw - 600

Chief executive Mark Carne presented to 200 railway industry leaders last night (Wednesday 25 February) and described his ambition to create a high performance culture with the ambition to be better every day; a culture where trust and caring is central to who we are.

Mark was delivering the annual George Bradshaw Address – an annual event established in 2011 that brings together senior industry figures to discuss the long-term challenges for rail.

Read Mark’s speech in full.

[The George Bradshaw Address 2015 (MP3)]

There is more we can do
Mark celebrated the “amazing people who are hugely committed” in Network Rail but cautioned that if we want to address the decline in performance we cannot carry on doing what we have always done in the same way.

"Despite the many achievements of the past, sometimes we let passengers down. I don’t think that’s acceptable, or just a fact of life. And I understand their frustration – and their anger, which is often directed at our TOC colleagues, when things go wrong. They, passengers and TOCs, should be able to rely on us.”
Mark Carne, chief executive, Network Rail

Winning public trust
Setting out our determination to win the public’s trust, Mark said the public needs to not only see a high-performing organisation but one that proves it cares about passengers, lineside neighbours, its contractors and own employees.

"Network Rail sometimes gives the impression of focussing on its own priorities and not caring sufficiently about our impact on other people. Society wants to see an organisation that cares about its passengers, its neighbours, its employees and the communities it affects.”
Mark Carne, chief executive, Network Rail

What does this care look like? Mark illustrated ways we can be better at caring for the public like giving lineside neighbours advance warning of noisy works, keeping the railway tidy and ensuring we have proper plans in place for passengers when our works overrun.

Safety and performance hand-in-hand
Mark extended the point about care to our own people saying it was our “moral and ethical responsibility to keep people safe, whether that be passengers, the public or our workforce”. He highlighted our Close Call programme as a source of safety improvement but urged that we need a greater culture of intervention to prevent the tragic accidents we still witness.

Our 10-year strategy to improve the health and wellbeing – including mental wellbeing – of our people demonstrates our ongoing commitment.

Mark reiterated that the ingredients of a safe culture – good planning carried out by competent and motivated people with the right equipment – are the very same for a high-performing team.

A fair and open organisation
Speaking about his philosophy that we need to focus on being better every day Mark said: “I want a culture where everyone has the opportunity to deliver to their maximum potential.

"The people who know the best ways to improve performance are often those closest to the sharp end. Our job as leaders is, in a way, to turn the organisation upside down, to listen to those with the ideas, to help them prioritise and to then enable people to make the changes."
Mark Carne, chief executive, Network Rail

Mark also welcomed the responsibility that will come with our compliance with Freedom of Information in March, saying that “society has a right to know how we take decisions”. Pointing to the example of the report we shared after the Christmas works overruns Mark also said society “has the right to know how and why something has gone wrong”.

In his closing words Mark said: “We have to deeply care, to remember who we are working for and why.”

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