Wednesday 18 May 2022

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::: RMT threatens national industrial action over service cuts

British Railways Board TOUs
British Rail

After the Railways Act 1993 had been passed, the British Railways Board was instructed to create 25 train operating units or TOUs, each one being based on a profit centre within its three passenger businesses.

These new entities were then offered to the private sector as future franchises, which started operating between February 1996 and March 1997.

The last franchise to take over from BR was ScotRail (31 March 1997), and from this date the British Railways Board ceased to be responsible for passenger services.

start date
end date
31 March 1997

owned by
British Railways Board

legal title

service area
All British Railways Board routes (England, Scotland and Wales)

Intercity, Network SouthEast or Regional Railways (BRB)


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