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::: RMT threatens national industrial action over service cuts

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Resurgence Railways

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Resurgence Railways
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Resurgence Railways

Resurgence Railways was a consortium formed in 1995 to bid for the new Great Western franchise.

The group was led by John Ansdell, a former finance director at Trafalgar House, Mike Jones, a former BR freight manager from the Leeds area who had been in charge of petroleum traffic, and Eurotunnel safety director Richard Morris.

Mr Jones took the role of vice-Chairman, and was reported to have been highly critical of freight charges levied by British Rail.(source: The Independent, 17 November 1995)

Resurgence proposed splitting intercity trains en route to serve more destinations, but that plan implied that extra rolling stock would be needed (specifically, driving trailers for the HSTs) and that costs would therefore rise.

However, RR failed to convince enough third-party investors, while the fact that one of the RR directors (John Ansdell) had previously been a director of a double-glazing company which had gone into insolvent liquidation was mentioned briefly in Parliament (source: Hansard, 7 February 1996).

The bid had been withdrawn by 5 December 1995, and the preferred bidder became Great Western Holdings Limited, a consortium of FirstBus, 3i and BR managers. GWHL took control of the franchise on 4 February 1996.

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