Sunday 22 May 2022


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::: RMT threatens national industrial action over service cuts

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Railways Act 2005

Chapter 14

London, 2005. 152pp

sample text:

An Act to amend the law relating to the provision and regulation of railway services; and for connected purposes. [7th April 2005] PART 1 TRANSFER OF FUNCTIONS AND RAILWAY STRATEGY Transfer of functions 1 Transfer etc. of SRA functions and abolition (1) Schedule 1 (which transfers consumer protection functions of the SRA to the ORR, transfers other functions of the SRA to the Secretary of State and to devolved authorities and also abolishes some functions of the SRA) has effect. (2) The Secretary of State may make a scheme for the transfer of property, rights and liabilities from— (a) the Strategic Rail Authority, or (b) a company which is wholly owned by that Authority, to a person specified in subsection (3) or to two or more of those persons. (3) Those persons are— (a) the Secretary of State; (b) the Scottish Ministers; (c) the National Assembly for Wales; (d) the Office of Rail Regulation; (e) the Rail Passengers’ Council established by section 19(1); and (f) a company which is wholly owned by a person falling within any of paragraphs (a) to (d) or is jointly owned by more than one of them.


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