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Report from Sir Peter Hendy to the Secretary of State for Transport on the replanning of Network Rail's investment programme. Enhancements delivery plan update

March 2016

London, 2016. 172pp

sample text:

The Enhancements Delivery Plan sets out the outputs, scope and milestones for every project and ring fenced fund that Network Rail is committed to deliver in CP5. It is used both by the regulator, to hold us to account, and by our customers and funders, to give them visibility of our plans. In January 2016 an update to the Enhancements Delivery Plan covering England and Wales was published in draft to support the Hendy review of Network Railís enhancements programme for CP5. The review confirmed that Network Rail will continue to deliver a very significant enhancement programme during the period to 2019. Most of the originally planned projects will still be delivered in CP5 with significant benefits for passengers and freight users. We will work with our industry partners to deliver the planned benefits to the end user as soon as they can be achieved, so the benefits of other industry changes such as new franchises are delivered. The Enhancements Delivery Plan is now being republished with the ORRís acceptance of the changes proposed by the Hendy review. The only changes between this edition of the plan and the January 2016 edition are minor amendments made on the ORRís recommendation to ensure clarity and consistency. The draft watermark has now been removed from the document. This edition of the Enhancements Delivery Plan does not reflect responses made to the Department for Transportís recently concluded consultation on the Hendy review, or a number of ongoing change control submissions for individual projects. These will be reflected in the subsequent updates to the plan. Each project entry includes a milestones table setting out the programme for the projectís delivery. Each milestone is assigned a status; the statuses used have the following definitions: - Regulated output Ė a regulated milestone. For a project that is pre-ECAM this is the GRIP 3 completion milestone. Otherwise it is the final output milestone when the infrastructure is available for use; - Indicator Ė this is used for a milestone with a confirmed date which is not a Regulated Output. It is used for GRIP 4 / GRIP 5 milestones for projects which have completed ECAM; - Complete Ė a past milestone completed on time; - Revised Ė a milestone that has been changed not due to NR caused slippage; - Indicative Ė a milestone which gives our best view of the likely date but which may be subject to re-planning. This is used for all milestones subsequent to GRIP 3 (including GRIP 6) when GRIP 3 and ECAM have not been completed. Until a project completes its development at the end of GRIP 3 there is likely to be some uncertainty around scope and timescales. Therefore projects which have not yet completed GRIP 3 are unlikely to be supported by a delivery programme and future milestones may be shown as ĎTBCí, as well as having an Ďindicativeí status. Most projects have an Output delivered milestone with its status shown as Ďnot applicableí. This milestone is the point at which the customer benefit of a project is delivered. This often relies on other industry partners to provide the rolling stock or introduce a new timetable to contribute to the outputs.


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