Wednesday 27 October 2021


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rail unveiled

::: RMT threatens national industrial action over service cuts

railfreight operators

Railfreight operators are ‘open access’ operators. They have no contractual arrangements with government, nor can they claim subsidies.

There are several railfreight operators in Britain.

There are several railfreight operators in Britain.

The largest is part of DB Cargo, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, formerly known as EWS (English Welsh and Scottish Railways) and then as DB Schenker.

Others include GB Railfreight or GBRf, which in spite of its name is now a subsidiary of the Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel. Freightliner is British-owned and a direct descendant of a former British Rail business set up to carry freight containers.

Colas Rail provides freight trains, and is also an infrastructure maintenance contractor.

Direct Rail Services operates specialist trains to move radioactive materials, and is a subsidiary of the publicly-owned Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (previously British Nuclear Fuels). DRS also provides general freight trains and spot hire services providing locomotives and rolling stock for other operators.

are the railways really privatised?
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