Thursday 19 May 2022


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rail unveiled

::: RMT threatens national industrial action over service cuts

how much do new trains cost?

New trains are sometimes included in new franchise deals.

But operators rarely if ever buy them outright, because they are not cheap.

New trains are not cheap.

The costs vary, depending on the type of trains involved, but modern vehicles (carriages) rarely cost much less than 2m each.

The price naturally comes down a little for very large orders. but its a reasonable ballpark figure. This means that a four-car commuter train will probably come out at 7m to 8m.

Some trains are much more expensive than that, such as the Intercity Expresses being built by Hitachi in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. Exact costs are elusive, but they are thought to be costing around 5m for each vehicle, partly because the design was new and needed extensive development before production could start.

Trains are rarely owned by operators and are usually leased from a ROSCo, which provides the essential capital investment.

the problem of the peaks
train leasing companies (ROSCos)
why dont operators buy more trains?


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