Sunday 27 September 2020


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::: RMT to stage strikes on Caledonian Sleeper

You can find documents by using the search boxes. The upper search box searches all parts of each document, while the lower searches only the source field. This makes it simple, for example, to call up all Railtrack releases as a single list. Many document pages include links to other items or supporting material.

When you have made a search, a third box appears at the top of the list of matching documents. You can use this box to search only within the results you have so far, filtering your request still further.

search hints

Do not use quotation marks or plus signs in search terms. More than one word will be treated as a phrase by default. Generally, filtered searching is more effective.

As an example, rather than searching for
ScotRail franchise, search first for ScotRail and then, in the search box which appears at the top of the results, search the list for the word franchise.


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