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::: RMT threatens national industrial action over service cuts

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ATOC: the Association of Train Operating Companies

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Association of Train Operating Companies
National Rail Enquiries Service
Rail Settlement Plan
staff travel

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Rail Delivery Group

ATOC: the Association of Train Operating Companies

related topics

Rail Delivery Group

ATOC was a trade association incorporated at the start of rail privatisation on 12 June 1995 (ATOC Limited) which represented train operating companies to government and other key opinion formers on rail and related transport issues.

From 2013 some of its external functions, particularly in connection with publicity and public relations, were taken over by the Rail Delivery Group.

It continued to provide several internal services for train operators. These were revenue allocation and settlement (Rail Settlement Plan), impartial retailing, provision of the National Rail Enquiries Service, marketing of Railcards, staff travel arrangements, international products and travel agent licensing.

ATOC was formally merged with the Rail Delivery Group on 24 October 2016, and the title ATOC is no longer used.

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