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::: Croydon tram inquest was 'justice suffocated'

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London Passenger Transport Board

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London Transport
London Passenger Transport Board

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London Transport Executive

London Passenger Transport Board

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London Transport Executive

The London Passenger Transport Board was the first unified organisation to control most public transport in the capital.

Trading as 'London Transport', it was created by the London Passenger Transport Act 1933 and took control on 1 July 1933. Although a statutory public authority the LPTB was not nationalised because it was owned by holders of several issues of stock, although they did not have voting rights. This stock was mainly issued to transport operators whose undertakings had been compulsorily taken over by the new Board.

The LPTB became responsible for Central and Country bus services and Green Line coaches within the newly-defined London Passenger Transport Area, as well as the London Underground companies, including the Metropolitan Railway. It also took over tramway undertakings and a small group of new trolleybus routes in south west London.

The Board continued until it was abolished by the Transport Act 1947 (s5; s20(8)e; Third Schedule; Fourth Schedule) and replaced by a new Executive of the nationalised British Transport Commission from 1 January 1948.

London Passenger Transport Act 1933

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