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18 September 2015
DfT demands 'Norwich in 90' from next Anglia operator

Railnews report

16 June 2016
First and MTR join forces to bid for South Western

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12 August 2016
Government yields to protests over Island Line plan

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29 September 2016
CrossCountry franchise extension confirmed

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8 February 2017
Famous swing bridge set to go in Greater Anglia wishlist

Railnews report

3 July 2017
Franchising timetable slips again

Railnews report

7 September 2017
CAMPAIGN: Its time to get real about rail

Railnews report

4 December 2017
City celebrates Virgin East Coast exit

Railnews report

29 January 2018
Probe launched into early scrapping of East Coast

Railnews report

15 May 2018
East Coast announcement rumours grow

Railnews report

18 May 2018
East Coast: now the post-mortem begins

Railnews report

25 June 2018
East Coast rebranding costing 8m

Railnews report

11 July 2018
Former Network Rail chief rejects franchising model

Railnews report

17 July 2018
DfT admits it had doubts about East Coast revenue targets

Railnews report

12 September 2018
Fundamental railway reform needed, says East Coast report

Railnews report

19 October 2018
Greater Anglia funding crisis: union says renationalise

Railnews report

10 April 2019
Franchise ban for Stagecoach: Abellio wins East Midlands

Railnews report

3 June 2019
Arriva takes franchise leak claim to court

Railnews report

5 June 2019
FirstGroup investor war gathers strength

Railnews report

20 September 2019
Grant Shapps wants rail fares paid to independent body

Railnews report

6 April 2020
Monday essay: can competition work?

Railnews report

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why are railways privatised?
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bidding for rail franchises: revenue
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what is a franchise?
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must fares go up?
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Franchises and concessions

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Premiums and subsidies: how they work

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