Thursday 15 April 2021


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::: MPs intervene in disused railway structures debate

This page shows how many documents are available in the Archive, and also explains topic searches.

fully searchable documents: 4185
attached documents: 355

topic searches

Many documents have keywords but some also form part of a major topic, and these are given an additional code starting with an asterisk (*). You can use these codes to retrieve documents covering that topic. The most useful topic codes are listed below:

*KX2014: overrunning possession near London King's Cross, 27 December 2014.

*PB: derailment at Potters Bar, 10 May 2002.

*PPP: London Underground public-private partnerships, 1998-2010

*WCML1998: West Coast Main Line modernisation programme.

*WCML2012: cancellation of Intercity West Coast franchise competition, 3 October 2012.


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